In addition to the clinic services we offer, we also provide support services at no cost to you. We want to ensure that you have what you need to continue your journey. If you are looking for answers to your questions or just want someone to listen, we will be here for you.

Earn While You Learn Classes

If parenting is the right choice for you, we want to help you become the best parent you can be! This is why we provide Earn While You Learn Classes that give you the skills you need to parent. These classes also can help supply you with clothing and essential items for your baby.

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Post-Abortion Recovery

Abortion is much more than a mere medical procedure. Many women suffer from grief and guilt for years after they have an abortion. In our world today, there is so much shame surrounding abortion that they can feel as if they need to deal with this burden on their own.

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If you’re a high school or college student, an unintended pregnancy probably was not part of your plan. While a pregnancy changes expectations about your future, it doesn’t mean your life is over. It simply provides an alternate path full of unknown possibilities. As you think through your options, we will help educate you so you can make an empowered decision about your future.

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You are capable of amazing things.