Abortion is more than just a medical procedure. There are many women out there that suffer from grief and guilt for years after having an abortion. In our world today, there is so much shame surrounding the topic that they feel as if they need to carry this burden on their own.

At Sage Women’s Center, we are here to support you in your healing process. We want to embrace you without judgment and give you space to safely speak about your experience.

Post-Abortion Effects

When a woman is preparing to have an abortion, the doctors always inform her of the physical side-effects and risks. However, it is less common for her to have resources to educate her on the emotional and psychological effects she may experience after the procedure.

After an abortion, it is common for a woman to feel things that you would associate with any other loss. Feelings including regret, shame, depression, anxiety, and remorse are all too common. There is no right way to feel after you have an abortion, so it is important to now that whatever you are feeling is valid and there is support for you through this journey.

Our Program

Call to schedule a quiet visit to begin your healing process. We know abortion comes with a lot of emotional effects. We can help. Our recovery program follows the book “Forgiven and Set Free” by Linda Cochran. These are not group sessions but rather a private time with a trained volunteer ready to listen to you and help you work through post-abortive things you might be struggling to cope with. For more information call (208) 423-7742 or contact us here.

You are capable of amazing things.