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Can I Buy the Abortion Pill Online?

After the Supreme Court’s ruling in June of 2022, many women questioned if they could still receive the abortion pill online. However, the answer depends on where women source this medication and what state they may reside in.

What Is the Abortion Pill?

The abortion pill, also known as a medical abortion or Plan C, is a medication regimen created to end a pregnancy. The two medications used are mifepristone, which blocks a pregnancy hormone called progesterone, and misoprostol, which causes contractions to push pregnancy tissue out of the body.

Are There Any Risks to the Abortion Pill?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, you should be aware of several risks associated with the abortion pill regimen. Some of these include:

  • Hemorrhaging that doesn’t stop
  • Incomplete abortion
  • Infection, which can lead to severe complications
  • Fever
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Anaphylactic reactions to medications 

It is always a good idea to speak with a trusted professional or center about these risks and any other concerns you may have.

How Can I Get the Abortion Pill?

Checking with your state laws on the regulation of abortion and access to these medications clarifies if you qualify to receive these medications where you reside. 

However, some women find they must travel or speak to physicians outside their state or country and have the prescription mailed to them from outside sources. Here are the concerns women are facing due to this:

  • It can prove risky since laws have not clarified what is permitted under new abortion restrictions.
  • Women are apprehensive about receiving prescriptions from physicians they have no trust or relationship.
  • Pharmacies filling these prescriptions outside the country may have different regulations that are considered unsafe in the United States.

What Are My Options?

Understanding your options should be uncomplicated and easily accessible for you. We believe in discussing those options so you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you and your unique situation. 

Here at Sage Women’s Center, we want to hear your story and give you the support and care you deserve. 

Contact us today to receive a no-charge pregnancy test, ultrasound, and options counseling. Together we can help propel you towards a bright, successful future!

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