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Considering adoption?

Adoption is one option for your unplanned pregnancy that represents a silver lining. There are many families who either can’t have children or are wanting to add to their family through adoption and your brave decision could help make their dreams come true.

Adoption can be right for you if you’re still in school or wanting to focus on your career, not currently in a relationship but want your child to have a two-parent home, or want to offer your child more than you can give right now. Adoption also doesn’t have to mean you never see your child again. Many women and families today are choosing open adoptions that allow women to stay involved in their child’s life.

Types of Adoption

Do you fully understand the adoption process and its options? Adoption has undergone significant changes in recent years. When choosing adoption, you are now afforded more flexibility and opportunities. Today’s adoptions include three primary options.


When choosing an open adoption, you can meet the adoptive family before the process is finished. You have the opportunity to maintain contact with your child after the birth. This is a good option to think about if you are not in a viable situation to raise a child but would still like to see how your child is growing up.


With a closed adoption, you keep your information totally confidential. All communication with the adoptive parents will take place via a third-party representative, such as a lawyer. Further, you will have not have a chance to contact your child until he or she is an adult.


A semi-open adoption is a mix of the open and closed adoption options. Communication with the adoptive parents is exists but at a lower level than an open adoption. Although you can have contact with your child after he or she is born, it will be only on a very limited basis.

Want to Learn More?

Adoption is definitely a difficult decision to make. If you feel that raising a child is something you aren’t prepared to do but you don’t want to have an abortion, this can be a beautiful option.

If you’re considering adoption and want to talk through all the different options associated with it, please make an appointment to meet with one of our staff members. We’re here for you!

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