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Considering parenting?

Just because you may not have been planning to be a parent at this stage in your life doesn’t mean you wouldn’t make a great one! Most people, even if they were planning to start a family, don’t feel ready or fully equipped to be parents, so know that you’re not alone. And while there are many factors to consider, we’re here to help you think through all the various aspects of parenting if that’s an option you’re interested in!

Am I ready to be a parent?

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself as you consider parenting as an option for your unplanned pregnancy.

  • Does the father want to be involved at all? Will he support you and your child financially?
  • How do you plan to financially support a child?
  • Do you have a support system to help you raise a child?
  • What resources are available through your community?
  • Are you in a stable and safe situation to raise a child?
  • Will you be able to finish school or stay in your career while raising a child?

Use this list as a starting point to determine if raising a child right now is right for you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or want to discuss this option in a private and safe environment, Sage Women’s Center is here for you. Make an appointment today!

You are not alone!

You are capable of amazing things.