We offer a variety of clinic services free of charge. We provide each service to ensure you are equipped with the tools and resources you need for your journey. No matter what is in your future, we will support you along the way.

Pregnancy Testing

If you recently had unprotected sex and think you might be pregnant, we are here for you. Our staff at Sage Women's Center is here to support you and provide free and confidential services, including lab-quality pregnancy testing.

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Obstetric Ultrasounds

Ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves to create a visual of the inside of your uterus, allowing you to view your pregnancy. At Sage Women's Center, we provide free ultrasounds to women who receive a positive pregnancy test result at our center.

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STI Testing and Treatment

If you are sexually active, you run the risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Even if you have been using protection, you are still at risk. Sage Women's Center provides STI testing for women completely at no cost to you.

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