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When you think you may be unexpectedly pregnant, it is easy to become overwhelmed. At Sage Women’s Center, we offer lab-quality pregnancy tests to women facing unplanned pregnancies at no cost. We know it can be daunting when faced with an unplanned pregnancy, but we are here to support you.

How do I know if  I am pregnant?

The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test and confirm with an ultrasound. However, if you have recently had unprotected sex, or have reason to believe you might be pregnant, there are some common signs of early pregnancy you can look out for.

  • Missed Period
  • Fatigue
  • Mood Swings
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • and more

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms and you have reason to believe you may be pregnant, consider making an appointment for a no-cost pregnancy test at Sage Women’s Center.

How does a pregnancy test work?

Pregnancy tests work by detecting the presence of hCG, the hormone associated with pregnancy, in a provided urine sample. During your appointment, you will be asked to provide a urine sample. Then, one of our trained nurses will take that sample and administer the test. This is a quick test and your results will be available during your appointment.

When you make an appointment at Sage Women’s Center, our staff will be able to advise you if it is the right time to be taking a pregnancy test based on your estimated date of conception.

If I am pregnant, what should I do next?

After a positive pregnancy test, your next step is to confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound. We offer ultrasounds to women with positive pregnancy test results in our center at no cost to them. An ultrasound will verify your pregnancy, but also give you valuable information to guide your decision-making process. If you think you may be pregnant, make an appointment at Sage Women’s Center to know for sure.

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