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Do I have to tell my partner I want an abortion?

The outcome of your pregnancy is your decision. You are not legally required to tell your partner about your pregnancy or your choice regarding its outcome.

While it might seem less complicated to leave your partner out of the decision-making process when choosing an outcome for your unexpected pregnancy, communicating openly about the situation might be better for your relationship.

Consider Why You Don’t Want to Tell Him

Open and honest communication is vital in relationships. When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, many couples find it healthier for their relationship to work through the situation and weigh the options together. If you are hesitant to tell him your feelings about abortion, it might be wise to consider why.

Are you worried that he will try to pressure you to change your mind? Are you afraid that telling him will endanger your safety?

If you are afraid for your safety, contact the domestic violence hotline for help developing a safety plan. 

Your partner does not have the right to force you to choose an outcome for your pregnancy that you do not want. You deserve to make your choice free from manipulation and pressure. Set boundaries with your partner that makes it clear that you will not allow him to pressure you into a decision.

Benefits of Discussing Your Options With Your Partner

If you trust your partner and are in a healthy relationship, telling him about your decision can offer many benefits. Some benefits of sharing your plan with him include the following:

  • Including him will allow him to offer support while you are in a challenging situation.
  • Sharing your plans will give him time to process his feelings about the situation.
  • It can be hard to keep things from your partner; telling him keeps your relationship secret-free.
  • Your relationship can grow stronger after working through challenges together.

How Can We Help?

Contact us if we can help. We offer free information on your options and are happy to discuss them with you and your partner.

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