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If you think you might be pregnant and are considering abortion, you may be wondering if you should take the abortion pill or Plan B. Knowing the difference between the two is important, because they are used for two different situations.

What is Plan B?

Plan B is also called the morning-after pill. There are actually a few types of morning-after pills.

Some, like Plan B One-Step, use a hormone called levonorgestrel. It is a type of emergency contraception that, according to the Mayo Clinic, “can prevent ovulation, block fertilization or keep a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus.”

When Can Plan B Be Taken?

The morning-after pill is intended to be taken as soon as possible after having unprotected sex, within 120 hours. 

If you have allergies to the pill’s ingredients, take certain types of medications, or have certain health conditions, the morning-after pill may not be effective.

What Is the Abortion Pill?

The “abortion pill” most commonly refers to a two-step combination of medication that ends an early pregnancy.

First, mifepristone is taken, which causes the pregnancy to stop progressing. Then, a second medication called misoprostol is taken, which causes cramping to expel the pregnancy from the uterus.

When Can the Abortion Pill Be Taken?

The abortion pill must be taken during a specific timeframe to end an early pregnancy.


The FDA states that mifepristone and misoprostol should not be taken if you have a pregnancy that is more than 10 weeks or if you have an ectopic pregnancy. Getting an ultrasound will provide you with that important information.

What Are My Next Steps?

It’s not easy having a pregnancy scare.

Whether you’re feeling anxious about a broken condom, a missed period, or a positive home pregnancy test, take a moment to breathe. You aren’t alone.

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